Black Trans International Pageantry System

"The Standard of Excellence in Pageantry with a reputation of elegance, philanthropy and community service.” 

Black Trans International Pageantry System is designed to affirm transgender identity and African American Heritage. The mission of Black Trans International Pageantry System is to advance black and transgender equality through advocacy and the art of pageantry. Our work is grounded in health advocacy by providing visibility and education to create social change.

Peace and Blessings, I am Trenton Johnson, your Mr. Black Trans International 2017. This campaign is designed to spread awareness of depression, isolation, suicide attempts and over all dangers involved with not getting and continuing active mental and spiritual therapy to provide for a safe and healthy transition among black transmen. LYNC has been created to provide support and assistance for Trans Men who are on the journey of becoming and learning to love their new creation while being the LYNC to assist another brother along the way.

The LYNC 2gether fundraiser will aid transmen with trans health related needs including but not limited to: Hormone therapy, Mental health care, primary health care, binder purchase and surgery related assistance. ” As a survivor of multiple suicide attempts, I know firsthand the consequences of avoiding a counseling session, ignoring feelings and thinking that I could transition alone. Suicide did not win and I believe that it is my mission and purpose in life to both educate and promote that counseling is both needed and necessary all while being the LYNC to help those that may feel the way I once did.” Trenton Johnson


There are (3) ways that community members can support our cause. 

1. Make a General Donation
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Fonda Baker
 $ 25.00 2018-02-02

James Lester
 $ 100.00 2018-01-29

Family Day Tips
 $ 70.00 2017-12-20

Clarissa Davis
 $ 50.00 2017-12-19

BTAC National
 $ 50.00 2017-12-07

Jacobi Gray
 $ 5.00 2017-09-18

Taliyah Cassadine
 $ 20.00 2017-08-17


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