Congratulations Lailani Muniz, 2017 Miss Black Trans New York

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Black Trans International Pageantry System is proud to announce the selection of the 2017 Miss Black Trans New York, Lailani Muniz. Lailani is chosen to represent Black Transwomen Inc serving as an advocate for the needs of black transwomen in New York and surrounding areas.  Ms Muniz will also go on to compete in the National Black Trans International Pageant in the spring of 2018.



My Advocacy Platform is focused on: HIV & AIDS Prevention in Black Trans Communities.

How will your advocacy platform improve the health of Black Transwomen in Your State?

My advocacy platform will improve the health of Transwoman in the state of New York by spreading awareness of living with HIV while in a committed relationship with a partner who is also of trans experience but is HIV negative and starting our journey to building a family.  Living positive for 11 years hasn't always been an easy road but with great treatment and an open line of communication with my team of doctors i look forward to many years of helping other to not only remain undetectable with proper care and treatment education and adherence but also on how to prevent from becoming infected and staying safe.

Why should you be selected as the next Miss Black Trans State representative in your area?

I feel i should be selected as Miss Black Trans New York for several reasons, I am currently spokes model on 2 campaigns which spread awareness of what it is to live with HIV, I sit on the Community Advisory Council for the Aids Institute, an active member of the Ends the Aids Epidemic Council for the upper Manhattan Region, I am contently at events weather big or small educating people of all ages, genders, nationality, sexual identity and many other demographics on what is HIV, how to Prevent transmission and treatment options for those who have been infected.

Become a Supporter of Miss Black Trans New York!  You may make a donation to the online campaign here. All donations collected will help support contestant participation fees in the 2018 BTIPS Leadership Seminar & Pageant Competition at the National Black Trans Advocacy Conference April 23 - 29, 2018. Donations are tax-deductible.