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Black Trans International Pageantry System is proud to announce the selection of the 2017 Miss Black Trans Carolinas, Paris Monroe. Paris is chosen to represent Black Transwomen Inc serving as an advocate for the needs of black transwomen in the Carolinas. Ms Monroe will also go on to compete in the National Black Trans International Pageant in the spring of 2018.



My Advocacy Platform is focused on: Bridging the gap between the black church and the black transgender community.

How will your advocacy platform improve the health of Black Transwomen in Your State?

My platform will stop the stigma of the transgender community in the traditional black church. Therefore transgender people can and will feel comfortable attending services where they will learn the necessary tools to have a well-balanced life and be spiritually grounded.

Why should you be selected as the next Miss Black Trans State representative in your area?

I should be selected as the next Miss black Trans representative in my area because I am one of the few people my age that is doing activist work that is reaching the young transgender adolescence community. Many times young transgender people go under notice for unappreciated which is unfortunate, but I believe that the children are our future so if we give them the tools necessary for a well-balanced life and also the tools necessary to be spiritually grounded they will grow up to be wonderful adults who will stand up for what is right on all social levels.

Become a Supporter of Miss Black Trans Carolinas!  You may make a donation to the online campaign here. All donations collected will help support contestant participation fees in the 2018 BTIPS Leadership Seminar & Pageant Competition at the National Black Trans Advocacy Conference April 23 - 29, 2018. Donations are tax-deductible.