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Become A Member of Royalty!  Join Black Trans International Pageantry System. Black Trans International Pageantry System is "The Standard of Excellence in Pageantry with a reputation of elegance, philanthropy and community service.” 

Mr Black Trans International Division is an international pageant competition recruiting advocates for black transmen. The title of Mr Black Trans International is held by the transman who takes pride in his personal identity, trans identity and African Heritage and he leads with love in his commitment to the needs of the trans masculine community.

Mr Black Trans International leads the mission of Black Trans International Pageantry System working to advance black and transgender equality through the art of pageantry. In his twelve month reign he serves as the equality ambassador for black transmen providing visibility and education to create social change.

Mr Black Trans International is responsible for reigning with elegance, philanthropy and community service.


Mr Black Trans International is viewed as a role model and inspiration to others

  • He serves with purpose and professionalism.
  • He exemplifies excellence.



Mr Black Trans International raises support to help fund his advocacy cause. Fundraising Goal: $3000 to include

  • Transmen Health Scholarship
  • BTIPS Community Support
  • BTIPS Sponsorship



Mr Black Trans International gives back in his time. Goodwill Ambassador Goal: 500+ Hours to include

  • Hours to promote his Black Trans Advocacy Cause 
  • Hours providing Awareness of black transmen
  • Outreach engagement hours within black trans masculine community
  • Public Speaking hours providing Education regarding black transmen