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Become A Member of Royalty! Join Black Trans International Pageantry System. Black Trans International Pageantry System is "The Standard of Excellence in Pageantry with a reputation of elegance, philanthropy and community service.”  

2016 state delegates

The search is on to crown the next: Mr & Miss Black Trans International 2018!  Are You Next?” 

Compete for your state title and win a PAID entry to the 2018 Mr & Miss Black Trans International Pageant Competition! Mr & Miss Black Trans State Contestants are welcome to become equality ambassadors for their state and participate with the Black Trans International Pageantry System Organization as a representative and titleholder within the pageantry system. Contestants are invited to learn more and promote black transgender equality for their named state to help improve the health of transgender people. State preliminary winners receive a prize package including crown, sash, paid national entry fee, and other items.

All contestants MUST FIRST SUBMIT A NATIONALOFFICE APPLICATION to be included in the pageant program.

You may apply to become a contestant in the Black Trans International Pageant by winning a State Preliminary or Emeritus Appointment where you reside. The emeritus division is not an on stage competitive division and is by official appointment by the Black Trans International Pageantry System Organization at discretion of the Board of Directors. If there is not a state preliminary or appointment offered for your area, you may apply directly to the Black Trans International Pageant Competition.


Mr & Miss Black Trans State Delegates are responsible for reigning with elegance, philanthropy and community service and will represent their state in the 2018 Mr & Miss Black Trans International Pageant.


State Delegates are viewed as a role model and inspiration to others he/she:
Serves with purpose and professionalism,
Exemplifies excellence


State Delegates raises support to help fund their advocacy cause. Fundraising Goal: $750+ to include
Trans Health Scholarship,
BTIPS Community Support,
BTIPS Sponsorship.


State Delegates gives back in time. Goodwill Ambassador Goal: 250+ Hours to include
Hours to promote Black Trans Advocacy Cause
Hours providing Black Trans Awareness Outreach engagement hours within black trans community
Public Speaking hours providing Education regarding black trans community


To enter a state preliminary division, the contestant must meet the national pageant contestant criteria and be a resident in that state, have the willingness to compete at the finals and participate in the events schedule set at the national pageant. 


State Preliminary contestants will be selected based on the match of our mission through one Interview category. Contestant interviews are evaluated on Application Package & Personal Interview Presentation components. 

Complete Application Package: 

  • $50 Entry Fee
  • 300 Word Essay
  • Presentation Portfolio
  • Advocacy Letter(s) of Recommendation
  • Advocacy Social Media Presence


Interview Presentation:

  • Interview Attire
  • Personal Grooming
  • Communication Skill
  • Advocacy Focus



State Preliminary entry fee is $50.  Fees are non-refundable and  must be received online on or before the deadline date. Contestants who do not win the state preliminary may have the $50 paid reduced from their national entry fee total. Each contestant is responsible for all materials needed to participate in the pageant competition.


  • National Media Recognition
  • Acknowledgment At The Black Trans Advocacy Awards Dinner Gala
  • The Dazzling Official Miss Crown
  • The Official Satin Embroidered Sash
  • Entry Fee paid to BTIPS National Pageant Competition
  • National Pageant Training & Preparation Contestant